Ariadna Pui

Thank you for supporting my birthday wish! This year, with your help, I want to donate my birthday for improving access to quality education for children in my home community. You can easily be a part of it by choosing to support one of the two education funds and directly giving your contribution. Thank you!

Donate to STEM Fund

The number of university students in science and technology has dropped continuously since 1990. Despite of larger cohorts of students, STEM areas attracted a smaller share every year (from 68% in 1990 to 25% in 2011) . Tech university professors have also observed a continuous decrease in Math and Science abilities of new students.

Development of cognitive skills, of curiosity and creativity is not in the focus of STEM education. Quite often, teaching methods cultivate only the memorization of algorithms which is mistaken for subject mastery. This is one explanation why Romanian students do a poor job when asked to apply the knowledge in new context or in real life problems.

The desired change is that more young people, regardless the area they belong urban or rural, are interested in STEM and prepared for building a professional career in technology and innovation. We would like to see that, by the end of pre-university educational cycle, the pool of students literate in STEM is expanded and the average level of academic results is lifted. Better performance in STEM increases the probability for students to choose technical universities which will ensure a constant flow of technical specialists in the labor market. This is beneficial for the economy and it is a pre-requisite for innovation in technology.

We aim to fund opportunities for students to develop their creativity, interest and an entrepreneurial mindset in sciences and technology. This area aims to encourage a variety of programs with non-formal, extra-curricular learning opportunities for students in areas of STEM such as science fairs, tech competitions, tech entrepreneurship ideas, etc. Science could be fun and interesting.

The STEM Fund (Științescu Fund) will launch October 2015 and will invest 20.000 USD in STEM projects. We have fundraised so far 15.000 USD and still need support in order to start funding the initiatives.

Donate to Scholarship Fund

We support young students to continue their studies, encourage them to improve their curricular and extra-curricular performances and invest in their personal development.

The scholarship represents a form of support for fostering young people who achieve very good educational, cultural, sporting and scientific results. In addition to financial support, students will find in the donor, a mentor and friend who can share its experience, to help them discover themselves.

We want to build a community around The Scholarship Fund, whose members develop an awareness of philanthropy. We would like students receiving support to learn giving back to the community they belong to.

We support those who are actively involved in extracurricular activities that have positive impact on their community, which by conduct and discipline are offered a model to all, which by talent and dedication came to achieve performance in various fields. For these students we have developed two types of scholarships: merit and performance scholarships.

A one year scholarship is 510 EUR, out of which 410 EUR cover the cost of educational materials, travel, training, attendance to conferences or contests, etc., and 100 is invested in counseling and social meetings. If you like these projects, you can