Emergency Fund – Call for solidarity


Ukrainian refugee families need our help!

We, Iași Community Foundation, have launched a solidarity campaign alongside Bethany Social Services Foundation and CIVICA Association to support refugee families in Ukraine. With the support of the local and international community, we helped in 2020, at the debut of the Covid-19 pandemic, 12 hospitals in Iași to cope with the raising number of patients by providing them with medical equipment, disinfectants and protection equipment.

We need your support now, in raising the funds to help children, women and the elderly who have crossed or will cross the border into Romania in the following days, seeking shelter (over 118.000 refugees have crossed the Romanian borders at the time of this message).

Funds raised from both individual donors and companies are directed to the purchase of non-perishable food, medicines, hygiene products for children, women and the elderly, clothing items, by supporting the accommodation and transport efforts of refugees, their medical and social assistance.

We are also working with local authorities, representatives of the business sector and the universities to outline the mid-term plans for adapting to the refugee phenomena and find the proper solutions for education of children and the guidance for the employment of adults.

Your contribution is greatly appreaciated.